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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  November 26, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EST

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it's a black friday free fall. people get crazy. they want to fight, push and shove. what stores areedoing to lure in customers oo one of biggest shopping days of the year. pulling thh plug on the alcoholic drinks. what they are doing to stop them. how to avoid paying twice the regular price.
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good morning. it's friday, november 26th. i'm patrice he harris. hopefully you had a great thanksgiving. it's friday and we're headed into the weekenn. you know what that means. whenever it's friday here, it's your turn to tell us what you want to talk about at facebook, just go to to join the ccnversation. we meteorologist tony pagnotti. steve is overdosed somewhere? >> joel is out at some the black friday ssles. i can't wait to check out checking out hhw he is doing. we are going to see showers
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and temperatures dropping as the day wears on..3 currently, there h!! we go. there, because there's some rain ú% the horizon as you can see on the doppler radar, it'ssalready here. 57 degrees at we speak at bwi. a couple of sprinkles. out to tte west, a big story. that is where we will be seeing the showers and much colder air, enjoy the 50s, kind of mild right now. we will be dropping to 46, before we get to below freezing, would you believe it tonight, below freezing temperatures at -0 degrees. well, we see that thhre's a lot of activity already on the shopper bonanza on black friday. we will see how thh roads are here is candace dold. >> reporter: thank you, tony. we of course, are talking bout that shopping right now. while we're getting word the best buy at york oad at3 lutherville in the timonium area, hat parking lot is
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already 95% fil full and the tat in the area is 45% full. we do have an accident on thh at route 175.nes of 95 traaeling let's take a live look through the area and see how it's shaping up. they're not there.cant delays. youure going to find the -lashing lights on the shoulder and they're trying to clear that one out right now. 95 is all the way on the northeast corridor from whitemarsh, 47 miles per hour. the same thing ffommthe 95 up toward 83. so maybe if you're headed to the ttowson own center. 12 minutes at 53 miles per hour there. ú%at's a look at the morning travels. patrice, back over to you. thank you, candace. 5:03 on fox 45 early edition. the traditional friday deals arú back once again, but the lines in many cases are not..3 joel d smith is live at the torse are utoys"r" us, where moe
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weather is turning this black friday a white friday. >> reporter: how can it be a black friday if it opened up on thursday. these people just got here.ú we have angela. >>april. >> reporter: we have april and shelli. they have the right thing. it says you got to believe to receive. a lot of retailers are hoping that they have the same spirit as well. they are hoping for an up pick. predicters are saying that 3.5% are going to spend money, it's going to go up. what do you think how much money are you goiig to spend this year. >> oh my god, a lot. >> reporter:.>> reporter: you y to wait in line but this plaae is open. what is your game lan. >> first we were going to go to target, buttwe went to toys "r" us first. >> reporter: how much of this stuff is yours. >> probably. >> reporter: did you get
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%-what did you ggt here? >> i got a $10 globe. >> reporter: how much was it usually. >> it was $20 regularly. >> reporter: some people come out here this early. what is the atmosphere. how can you get away with this? >> this is our best friends tradition, since our kids were 13. >> reporter: do they appreciate this. >> they don't even know. >> reporter: they willlknow on he 25th.3 you are sst santa's little help. >> you heard that this as open at 10:00 p.m., did you come >> i tried. >> reporter: you are if thee3 mood. you have the ravens stuff on.ú there are lines at some locations. best buu had a line going around the corner, target, kohl's, awful, they sayy toys "r" us are open since 10:00 p.m. because
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they opened at midnight and it's lasting a while. >> you're righh, some the stores ooened yesterday and some today. i'm not sure when the black friday deals started, some started laat weekend. >> reporter: i think i got ssmething last weekend at home yeeh, they're stretching them out asslong they can. i'm not sure what is left here when it comee to deals. you got to be competitive and get out as soon as you can, for this play, it was yesterday. >> well, jeez, for me it's 9:00 his morning to rush to the the stores. >> reporter: that's you got to get elfs. >> that's why you're at toys "r" us, i will text you my list..3 the deals kept many shoppers from getting into their beds this was the scene at toyyú "r" us at time square. people were lined around the block to gettinto the store. sears and k-mart alsooopened on
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ú%ursday. in arizona the long lines resulted in short empers. it seems that cuttinggin line, isn't just a problem for 3rd graders. it became a problem for phoenix police when that were called to breakup a fight. this year, she says that tth man arrived and got in front of her, saying he had put chairs and she must have moved them. the people behinddher. a fight broke out and police were called. >> i put my chair and came back. >> this is a car. this is our car. >> other people say they cut in, because they were ttere first. they should have bben thereein line. i'm sorry. no one was there when i showed up this morning. >> police and security broke up the line. beet buy will have to decide who was there firsttwhen the doors open this morning. looking to avoid the crowds and long lines this morning this
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weekend. we got the answers foo you. you can get a great deal at home thrrugh mobi deal. the proggam offers discounts, coupons, for bookk, shoes and more and signing up is simpling is it's free. just go to mooth mobi, phone and then you will have access to all of the potential -avings. grabbbng gift cards are another option, but even with tte changes made by the federal government, they can come withú strings attached of theeanybody who bought a gift card after august 22nd of this year, will be able to use it for the next several yearr, but companies are still able to ccarge fees..3 make sure you read the fine ú%int. porn timportant to remember. the banks issue their own gift cards, and the expiration can come before the gift card is
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wiped out. >> you want to make sure the plastic card ittelf does not expire so you need to renew. >> hoppers are urged to use the full balance of their gift cards as soon as possible. a man is rushed to the hospitallafter being stabbed in3 northwest baltimore on ú%anksgiving night t happened at home on bellevue avenue around 7:00 last night. police say a family gathering was going on when the victim was stabbed in the back. his injuries are life-threatening. he is being treated in sinai hospital, a sspport is in custtdy. a professor at the universsty of maryland who is accused of killing her husband 45 years old joanna findlay faces measure diddhe charges in the shooting death of gary. the attorneys argue that he shot himself after finding a stash of piled porn. a trial date has not yet been set. a dui suspect in ohio doesn't take thingg so well, when hii bail is revoked and the
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whole crazy incident is caught on camera. surveilllnce video shows a bailiff entering the courtroom rrady to cuff the man, but as you can see, he startsspunching the baaliff. there you go, the fight spills out into the hallway. theeofficer is knocked down before the suspect's lawyer jumps in to help pull his cliint off of him. the man eventually gets upp but he keeps on arguing. it eventually ends with him getting tasered. two parents are grateful to having their baby back after a violent carjacking with the baby inside. the mother says a mannjumped? ú%e car and started driiing car, busted out a window and held on for dear life screamingú for help. the father was able to catch out, bust out anotherrwindow and start add tacking the suspect ú%til he crashed the car. that is when the suspect took
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off running. the couple says they're thankful their daughter is safe but they are worried ttat that suspect is still on the loose. a billboard toweringgover one new jersey highway is being viewed as a problem by many christians in the area. theebillboard put up by an atheist group declares christmas a myth. members say the point isn't to atheist going through he motions and pretending to be religioos to stop. opponentsssay it's unneceesary for the group to broadcast its views and knock them for theirs. smoking kills, but it's also deadly for those breathing it in secondhand. a brittsh study shows the fatal effeets. mmrianne laaferty has more. >> reporter: secondhand smoke kills 600,000 people each year around the world. that is in addiiion to the 6 million smokers who die because they inhale tobacco.
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>> the total whether they're 6 million.tive oo passive is >> reporter: it lloks at smoking in 192 countries. it says 30% of adult men and women are exposed to secondhand3 ssoke worldwide. that number jumped to 40% when it comes to children. ú% close to 200,000 children under 5 years ge die because of eeposure to secondhand smokee mostly in regions like africa and southeast asia. >> reporter: one woman says it was life changing when states began to ban smoking in public. industry when there wwsn't any law like that, and the difference now where there is, and you gg into a restaurant,3 it's huge. absolutely. >> reporter: some business worried profits would go up in smoke if smoking wasn't allowed, clear the air. >> i think that people like me
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go to places where there isn't smoking where theyydidn'tt3 before. >> reporter: the study finds that europe and asia finds the people exposed to the highest secondhand smoke. in new york, marianne afferty, fox news. it's not always easy to make healthy chases ho traveling, but nnw more airports are offering optioos thattdon't weigh you down. physician's committee for responsible medicine, as of last year, 79% of airport restaurants had at least one low fat, high fiber or chollsterol free option on the menu. >> proof of the pudding is one of our kiosk. you can go in and get a healthy sandwich served on wheat bread, lean cut meats. fruits, they meet our standards of healthy choices. >> experts advice being reasonable. they say when confrrnted with a tough choice, instead of trying to be perfect or throwing inn3
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the, focus on making thh best choice for the situation. coming up oo the early edition, energy drinks and fake pot targeting a specific group. >> it's being made for one reason onlyyand that's o make money and to sell it to kids. -p>> the ways ooficials plan to ban these products. welll on this black friday, we have some gray skies and scattered showers moving through the region. i will let you know if it
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it is 5:16 on ttis black friday. we should showers out to the west in pennsylvania that will be maaing their way through over %-activity in and aroundower baltimore. some heavier hours on tap and ú%earing this afternoon. it's mild, 59 degrees, enjoy it, because from here on in, those
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temperatures willlbe takkng a dive and i payne it for the -- i mean it for the weekend, too. colder air comes into play, i mean cold. minneapolis high temperatures arr going to be 15, ow 15, omaha chicaao, and that cold air is going to work its way into the 20s and 30s, and oveenight tonight we will get around the freezing mark for the overnightú llw temperature. the warm fronn exits and here comes the big push. the cold front comes through bringing some the residual cold air that in the upper midwest.3 we will see high pressure build in for the weekend, give us a lot of sunshine, but with the windchill, it's going to feel like the 30s this weekend. enjoy ttday, we got colder weather on the way. clouds and radar, here come the showers this morning, by about 9 or 10:00, or 11::0 we will start to see clouds give way to sunshine before it's all said
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and done this afternoon. here comes the front with the frigid temperatuues. the first cold air this season, but it had to happen sooner or later. temperature tonight, get the blankets going to crarve crank t heat. the temperatures plummet in the eastern shore, into the 20s and 30s.ú ditto here in maryland, and we will get sunshhne and in the western maryland the sun 45 will be the high with showers giving way to clearing skiess seven-day forecast, you know all about today, wiids kicking up tonight as he front pushes through gusting up to 25 miles per hour. tomorrow fox 45, 45 degrees for the high temperature and we ú%cide start to mediccl rate a - moderate a little. and 58 degrees by tuesday. it's black friday, see what the folks are doing and getting to -ith all the traffic info here is candace ddld with the traffic
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edge report. we are in fact he can ching out to the actual speeds right now. so far not too much to complain -ut theee. in fact on 9562 mile 95, 62 milr on 195. and right at 63 miles per hour on 95 here at 395. of ourse, we want to talk about the parking lots out there. in fact, ighttnow we're focusing on baltimore county. lot is 100% full. in facc people are looking for parking spaces as we speak. we will continue to keep up-to-date on that area. the best buy on york road, well while that is 95% full. if you are thinking about %-there, it's 80% full, will you bbeable to find a spot. as far s 83, traveling through baltimore county, let's take a live look. timonium, nothing to get in the lanes. if you''e headed to one of those places, not a bad time to do so. as for a the beltway, nothing to
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annoy you traveling thhouuh %-road, inner and outer loop las getting by just fine. that's a lookkat the morning commute, patrice, back tt you. thank you, candace. looking for a stuffing stuffer this holiday -- stocking stuffer this holiday season. disney is out with the santa paws. disney sent us copies of the search for santa paws to give away. you can win the movie on a blue ray combo back if you're the 4th or 5th caller at (410)481-4545. getting pay out to the viccims of the oil spill. the claims that the money is going out quickly. >> it's being made for ne reason only and that is to makk money, you know, and to sell it to ids. >> government officials
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getting comfortable never looked so good. fake pot may soon be a thing of the past. feeeral regullttrs arreworking to ban the chemical found in synthetic marijuana. this after the government issued a warning aaout alcohol energy ddinks. we are shown how officials plan to crashing down. >> reporter: if the drug
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enforcement adminiitration gets its way, spike, purple haze and other brand named synthetic, marijuana like kk2 would be a thing of the past. >> this is a synthettc product ttat mimics the main ingredients in marijuana that gets you high. >> reporter: the da is takiig emergency action to outlaw 5 chemicals found in the desiiner drug which can be 15 times more powerful than marijuann. federal regulators hope to put them in the category as marijuanheroinand cocaine. >> it's much stronger than marijuana, more dangerous than effects than marijuana.more side >> reporter: it comes as theú number of seizures, hallucinations and dependence continues to climb. ocean city in baltimore county outlawed the fake pot which sells for as much as $20 a gram.
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bbltimore city is considering banning the substance as well. >> it's made for one reason only, that is to make money and to sell it to kids. federal officcals are taking aim at another product that is still legal and grabbing the headlines, the alcohol enerry drink four loko. >> the alcohol is so high that down. it's pretty bad. >> reporter: thh fda issued a warring to the makers of the energy drinks, including four loko. they have asked comptrollers to stop selling the drink. it's welcome news to the parent3 ú% a 21 years old recently killed in an eastern car accident after consuming an alcohol laced energy drink. coming up later in theeearly edition, missing as seas foo more than a month. the amazing rescue tory coming out of fiji.
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but next bogue 787
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the new claims adjust or of the bp oil spill is keeping3 busy. investors are aking the thanksgiving holiday off but will be back friday for a short-day of trading, will the wednesday rally continue? all three indis indices will op3 higher on friday. the administrator for the bp oil spill says he will has lived up to his promise.
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he took over the job for bp about three months ago and has paid out more ttan $2 billion in his tenure. in the 4 months bp was in charge it paid out $400 million in %-since he took ovee, claims hae increased almost fold. changes aae in the works for 747 dreamliner. they are making chhnges to the electrical system. the moveecomes during a power failure during a test flight in early november. the crew was able to use backup power to land the aircraft. line while it investigated the incident. i'm barbara hall. korea on the brink f war? the woor that would push them over the edge. >> reporter: i'm joel d smith
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out atttheestoree on black friday. these store deals, do they lightning fast. lightning strong. verizon 4g lte.


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